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About Top Lawn Company

About Top Lawn Company

With over 20 years of high quality turf preparation of lawns, golf greens and world quality football surfaces we have the expertise to help improve your lawn.

Why us?

We are not a typical franchise set up, as we are based locally and we believe in a personal service which caters for your every need.

There is a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment to be had from looking out onto a well kept lawn free of weeds and moss. But achieving the dream can be tricky, frustrating and time consuming.

Our expert is educated to degree and higher level in agronomic and horticultural disciplines. You will be offered genuine and honest advice and services which will vastly improve your lawn and appeal of your garden.

Through our expertise, Top Lawn Company  offers a reasonably-priced, specialist lawn care service treating customers’ lawns with a bespoke feed and weed compound. To achieve a deep-green, weed-free lawn, most lawns should be fed four times a year using a quality fertiliser product and weed or moss control.

Are you worried about your lawn?

Well, don’t be… just call us, and we will visit to provide a remedy, or at the very least, great advice

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