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Lawn Care Treatments

Lawn Care Treatments and Maintenance

We are highly experienced in all services and maintenance processes. You will be personally advised on which services you should be considering in order to improve you’re the quality of your lawn when you contact us and a free analysis is given to you.

We offer:

TLC Spring treatment

  • Application of fertilizer
  • Weed and moss treatment, Carbohydrate replenishment

TLC Summer treatment

  • Application of fertilizer
  • Scarification or aeration (spiking)/ Drought resistance application

TLC Autumn treatment

  • Application of fertilizer
  • Moss and disease treatment, Carbohydrate replenishment

TLC Complete lawn treatment program

  • All of the above including two summer treatments.

TLC complete treatment and maintenance program

  • All of the above with required mowing maintenance service.

TLC Additional services

  • Bugs, worms and disease service- Aims at controlling and enabling your roots to actively grow and strengthen the grass sward.
  • Slow the grow service – Aims at regulating your lawn growth so that you can mow it less frequently. This also improves grass sward density, summer drought resistance and watering. A free summer drought resistance treatment will also be applied.
  • Winter maintenance service – Aiming at trimming hedgerows, trees and leaf clearance to enable all important light access to your lawn and garden, improving the grass density and plant growth during spring and summer.

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